Everyone At My Job Is In London…

Yeah…except for me.

I shouldn’t be sad…I mean I’m going to Texas next week and that’s JUST as good as London IF NOT BETTER, right? RIGHT? Anybody? Okay fine, it’s not the same but at least one of my coworkers has promised to bring me a snow globe. Besides I’m in the office alone! Hey….


That means all the coffee creamer is for me. Take that guys! Gonna drink it all.

Also, I can listen to my music as loud as I want, SANS headphones.


ALSO, I am pretty sure one of my coworkers left a lot of gum on his desk.

Chewing it.


Who am I kidding? Wish I was in London but also happy I didn’t have to wake up for the 7am flight because face it, I’m lazy.

I leave you with my song of the day which will only be a consistent thing when I feel like it (lazy strikes again). Enjoy!


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