Instagram For Authors

My day job is pretty cool. I work for a book marketing company (The Combined Book Exhibit) as their social media manager. It means I get to tweet, and post things on Facebook all day and blog. My latest blog is about gaining readers via Instagram for authors. If it’s something you’ve wondered about, read on!


With over 200 million active users and 1.6 Billion likes daily, Instagram is perhaps one of the most powerful social media apps available for authors to market their eBooks.

However, how can something used mainly for sharing pictures help readers find their way to you? 

Instagram 3.5 - Camera

It’s true there are limitations to Instagram (or IG as it’s sometimes abbreviated), most glaring of all the inability to share hyperlinks.

When setting up your profile, you are able to add one link which can be reserved for your official website or a link to purchase your book, but beyond that your followers will need to copy/paste any links you share…something they’re not likely to do.

The key is making and sharing content that will get them interested in your book, so interested, they will go to your profile and find the one link you are allowed to share, or search for you on Amazon using your book title. The secret to driving traffic via Instagram has to do with engaging your audience, and using visually appealing pictures to help sell your story.  Below I will share a few ways that have helped me reach more readers, and some great examples I’ve seen other authors use on Instagram as well…

Read the rest here!

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