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Will You Be At ALAA?

Going to Vegas tonight, pretty worried about my hair in the heat, other than that it should be a blast!


It’s not only my FIRST American Library Association Annual Conference, but also my first proper book signing at a convention. Last time I did a signing I only had posters and bookmarks, this time I’m on the website and everything!


Click here or on the pic to see for yourself friends:


I’m pretty excited about it, and am hoping to meet some librarians, publishers and maybe agents if there are any in attendance. These conferences are a great place to network so I will be taking full advantage of that! Will be sure to post pictures of the convention, my signing and any/all weird things I see in Vegas.

If you are coming, please comment below and stop by booth 636 on Saturday from 2-3 where I’ll be signing copies of THIS!

TSA-HiRes(1) copy


Brief description if you’re interested: Living in 1980’s New York City, a troubled 16-years-old witch named Emerald Kipp has never been good at anything but being bad. On her last day of school, something extraordinary happens, which may just change the entire magical world. Three hundred years earlier, a gruesome new form of black magic is spreading across New Amesterdam, and teenaged witch Margo Pennyfeather might be the only one who can stop it. What can two teenaged witches, 300 years apart, have in common? More than you think. A prequel to the upcoming novel Emerald Kipp & The Riddle of the Timekeeper.

 The Empire Witch Series follows the story of Emerald Kipp, a young, pink haired witch living in 1980′s New York City. The series features diverse characters, a running soundtrack of new wave, pop, rock and rap from the era, and incorporates little known real life New York City residents into the narrative such as the so-called “Witch Of East Broadway” Henrietta Snowden and John Votta, the real life Timekeeper. Although set in a magical alternative NYC, the book  also deals with issues of teen identity, mental health and delinquency. I am currently in the editing phases of Book One of the series and will be seeking agent representation later this summer!

Have a great time in Vegas and if you see me don’t be shy because I would love to meet you all!



Young adult fantasy author.

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