Crowdfunding Campaigns I Like

Archer's Aim

Here are some campaigns I like besides my own:

Awakening on Kickstarter by Ciara E. Dimond – JUST 2 DAYS LEFT

Emerald Kipp & the Riddle of the Timekeeper by Claribel Ortega – 28 days left

The Blade Heir by Daniel Adorno – LAST DAY!!!

Planetary Energy Transmitter – this is in the vision of Nicola Tesla’s idea back in 1901 – 21 days left.

There are many great ideas and books that can be supported so take a look around at what’s out there and at least tweet or share them over social media if you can’t support them otherwise so the public is aware of them.

If you have some campaigns you would like to share then please leave comments below or Tweet them to me.

Remember my own campaign starts on 7/7 and you can preview it now to consider your support level and make suggestions and provide feedback…

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