Author Flyer Tutorial !


In addition to being an author and internet addict, I also work at book marketing company called Combined Book Exhibit. This Monday we launched CBE Authors where I will be helping other authors with their social media and more! Below is a tutorial for making posters/flyers for events, please check it out and share it!

So you’ve got your first  author event, congrats! It’s an exciting time and will be a great learning experience for you. Now it’s time to spread the word, so you take to Facebook and Twitter and let all your followers know. But what about your local coffee shop and supermarket bulletin? Surely, the community you’re signing your books in will want to know about your event. Designing a flyer or poster for these occasions doesn’t have to be costly, in fact the actual design doesn’t have to cost you a penny (although printing it certainly will!). Read on below for a step by step tutorial on making the flyer above for your own event!

We will be using for this tutorial, a free web based design software. While I do have the paid version which offers more options, you do not have to purchase it in order to make your own graphics or to use any of the features in this tutorial. If you will be using Picmonkey often I do recommend upgrading to Royal, it’s not expensive and really useful!

First, you will chose Design from option from the top menu. We will be using the 5X7 size option for this flyer but you can choose whichever size works for your particular project.



This will take you to the editing page. Choose the texture icon where we will be picking our background.


Click on the Paper tab.


Select the striped background texture and click the green Apply button.


Read the rest of the tutorial here.

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