Me, querying my book.

If you’re an author looking for agent representation make sure you are following the #MSWL tag on twitter! MSWL stands for Manuscript Wish List and this is how it works:

  • Agent/editor Tweets type of MS they’re looking for, followed by the tag #MSWL.

    Example of a #MSWL tweet
                                                                             Example of a #MSWL tweet
  • You find a tweet which mentions a MS similar to yours, send to said agent (following their submission guidelines) and mention you saw it on #MSWL!
  • If you don’t have a finished manuscript do not send! If you’re close to finishing you can send to the agent in the near-future with a note about #MSWL (Like: “I saw your tweet calling for XYZ on #MSWL last month but I had yet to polish my manuscript at the time. I was hoping you were still looking for XYZ as I have a project I think matches well with your request,” OR SOMETHING LIKE THAT).
  • Make sure you don’t pitch anyone using the #MSWL tag! It’s for agents and editors ONLY. You should be silently watching them, like writer ninjas.
  • Follow their submission guidelines! If they don’t state it on their Twitter timeline today, find their agency website and they should be there. #MSWL doesn’t preclude you from the rules man.
  • And… tumblr_llao9lREhI1qi92zzo1_500


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