#Pitmad is Tomorrow! 3/11/15


Hey writers! Tomorrow (March 11th) is #Pitmad! What the heck is #Pitmad? It’s basically one big Twitter pitch party where writers tweet about their manuscripts and if agents want to read more they favorite that tweet. A favorited tweet = an invitation to send more to that agent. Make sure you check  each agents Twitter timeline for submission guidelines and if they’re not available check their website. It’s normally a good idea to use #Pitmad in your subject line!

(If you need help with how to condense your manuscript into a tweet, one of my favorite guides on crafting pitches can be found here, by the lovely Veronica Park!)


  • DO NOT use the #pitmad tag in an email if your tweets were not actually favorited by that agent. I have seen many agents complain about this, it’s sneaky and could cost you a future read or look by that agent. Not worth it.
  • Don’t market your already published book, Amazon links etc using #Pitmad. You don’t know how awful it is to have to sift through these tweets when there’s already so much going on! Plus it will probably annoy other writers/agents etc, and you want to make friends 🙂  #Pitmad is for polished manuscripts ONLY, not for promotion.
  • Don’t bash writers or agents using the #Pitmad tag. If you don’t want an agent that’s perfectly okay! But there are a lot of people who do and agents work hard. Nerves run high on Twitter pitch days, it can be hard for writers to put themselves out there so please think before you tweet, be kind!

Unfortunately I won’t be able to participate in tomorrow’s event since I’m still knee deep in revisions for my manuscript but I will be retweeting and showing support for my fellow writers! Good luck guys & remember this is one of many opportunities for you and your project! Rejection is part of the process, enjoy it and give yourself permission to get a no without questioning your entire choice to write in the first place. Keep a positive attitude, an open mind and a willingness to whip out that red pen again! ❤


Below is a description on the #Pitmad including all rules for participating! (Source)

#PitMad is a pitch party on Twitter where writers tweet a 140 character pitch for their completed manuscripts. Have several variations of your Twitter pitch available. Twitter may not let you tweet the same pitch over within the same hour. The pitch must include the hashtag #PitMad and the category (#YA, #MG, #A, #NA, #PB and #NF) in the tweet. The “#” is important to include. It will sort the categories to make it easier for the agents/publishers.

For more information about Twitter Pitching visit this post by agent @carlywatters here and this post by #PitMad alum @DianaUrban here. And here find a post from Diana on how to filter out spam from the #PitMad feed.

Articles about #PitMad:



Publishing Trendsetter

#YA = Young Adult

#MG = Middle Grade

#A = Adult

#NA = New Adult

#PB = Picture Book

#CB = Chapter Book

#NF = Non-fiction

#WF = Woman’s Fiction

#SFF = Science Fiction and Fantasy

#R = Romance

#LF = Literary Fiction

#Mem = Memoir


The rules are simple. Everyone is welcome to pitch. All genres/categories are welcomed. Must be completed and polished manuscripts. You can pitch more than one manuscript. Throughout the day tweet your pitch. Try not to do it too much (rule of thumb is twice per hour per manuscript). When you see an industry professional on the feed, tweet it once. Make sure to include the hashtag #PitMad and your genre/category (if you can fit it).

The agents/publishers will tweet their submission preferences and favorite your tweet if they want to see more. If you get a favorite from an agent or publisher, follow their submission preference and send them their request as soon as you can. They should have tweeted what they want you to send, so check their twitter feed for that information. If they haven’t listed it, follow their submission guidelines on their websites. Make sure to put “PitMad Request: TITLE” in the subject line of your email when sending your request.

Don’t tweet agents and publishers directly unless they tweet you first.

Don’t favorite friends tweets. The agents will be requesting by favoriting tweets. so let’s keep that for requests. You can RT your friends to show your support.

Please keep in mind, we never know what agents or publishers will be on the hashtag, so make sure you research each requesting agent or publisher. You do not have to send requests to those requesting if you don’t want to work with them.

If you can’t be there, you can always schedule your tweets by using Tweetdeck or some other application that schedules tweets.

And finally, be nice and courteous to each other, and especially to the industry professionals. We’ve had some success stories come out of our previous #PitMads and we’d hate to have it canceled due to abuse. If you do see abuse, please report it to Twitter or notify one of the hosts of the event. Thank you!

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