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XT250: The Mighty Yamaha

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Moto Poet:

I am no expert rider, as a matter of fact Iโ€™ve been riding for onlyย 2 years and the Mighty 2014 Yamaha XT250 is my first bike. That being said, itโ€™s not hard to conclude that this baby is an awesome, light weight, powerful, fun and dynamic bike, packed in 250cc โ€˜s of moto-adventure wrath. This is the new Fuel Injected version and even though I read a lot about the easy maintenance carbureted ย xt250, I figured why not stay up to date with the times (no offence old timers :))


Plenty has been said out there about this very reliable dual sport bike, especially being closely related to the Yamaha XT225 (see The frame is compact, yet comfortable โ€“ including the seat, which has kept me happy for 3 hour trips; The 5 gear transmission is on point, although sometimes you feel like a 6th gear would comeโ€ฆ

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