I Left My Heart in London


Anyone who follows this blog knows I am always traveling to one book fair or another, but this month I was lucky enough to travel to one of my dream destinations: London!

My view from breakfast every morning.  The Olympia Hotel,  Kensington High Street.
My view from breakfast every morning.
The Olympia Hotel, Kensington High Street.
I worked the London Book Fair there and it was an amazing experience. From the architecture, to the people and of course the food, I adored everything about it (and can’t wait to go back next year). Aside from having an awesome time, I also got a lot of writing material from my surroundings and inspiration from the people I met. Being surrounded with so many authors and creative types can help spur your imagination, couple that with a beautiful location and sparks fly.

A picture I took on a night stroll through London.
A picture I took on a night stroll through London.
During the fair, I spent most of my time at the The PubMatch Bookshelf which was right across from the Author HQ. Not only did I meet a lot of cool authors, but I got to listen to some of the events going on next to us and there was a lot of useful information dispensed. If you follow me on Twitter (https://twitter.com/Claribel_Ortega ) you know I tried to tweet out as many of the good quotes as I could. If you’d like to read about the great advice from agents, editors and writers click my Advice for Authors from The London Book Fair Post here.

Eurovision winner Conchita Wurst at the Author HQ.
Eurovision winner Conchita Wurst at the Author HQ.
The food. Dear Lord, the food. It was almost too much for my heart to take. There was fried cheese, and delicious creamy desserts, and Thai food, and everything was so delicious I’d swear every night it was the best dinner I’d ever had. My favorite dessert, homemade panna cotta, was from Il Portico (Website here), my favorite appetizer, a fried goat cheese on a bed of lettuce was from The Little French Restaurant (website here). Best entree goes to Acciuga for their delicious Ravioli di mare, a shrimp ravioli with sea-butter and lemon sauce (find them here). Notice I started with dessert? Yeah me too.

Homemade Panna Cotta, the stuff dreams are made of.
Homemade Panna Cotta, the stuff dreams are made of.
The people in London were so friendly and welcoming. It was a great experience and only once (with a creepy guy at the fair who wanted to buy my dress) was I treated with anything but warmth. I also met people from all around the world, and got to speak to authors about their experiences with self publishing, querying and writing (general consensus is that all of it is hard no matter where you live).

With the London crew at Nandos
Perhaps most exciting of all was meeting my online writing buddy, author Megan Easley-Walsh (website here). She is an excellent writer and I am lucky enough to have her as a beta reader for my works in progress. She’s ventured into the world of editing for others now, visit her site Extra Ink Edits if you want to learn more!

Me & Megan at the fair
Me & Megan at the fair

One of my favorite parts of any trip is walking around and exploring with some good music. I spent all of Saturday night taking in the sites while listening to a playlist I made specifically for my trip. You can check out my playlist as well as some of my favorite pictures from my night wandering London below.










I’m looking forward to returning next year and if anyone has restaurant suggestions, especially near Kensington High Street, please let me know 🙂

There’s nowhere else like London. Nothing at all, anywhere”.- Vivienne Westwood

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