Riddle of The Timekeeper Update


Hi guys! So I wanted to update you all on where I was with my book. I have finished first draft edits (YAY) and am working on second draft edits which are a lot less work thankfully. I still have a ways to go, as I’m only on chapter ten (and there are 38 total) and there is still a lot of work to be done to get it ready for the next phase. I’m shooting for having this round of edits done by the end of this month, and into the hands of my beta readers by beginning of June. Then I’m hoping to get their feedback in time for one more round of edits and then I will start querying agents end of August/September (fingers crossed). I am excited about querying in the fall, because I LOVE the fall and even if I’m sad from all the inevitable rejections along the way to getting an agent, at least I’ll have cozy sweaters, and cute boots, and crisp fall air and turning leaves. That’s enough to keep me semi happy (especially if there’s wine). Thank you guys for all your support throughout this process, I can’t wait to share Emerald’s story with you! I’ll be posting my chapter names this weekend hopefully, and another blog post on mean authors (!!!). Also, for all my fellow writers there’s another installation of #pitmad coming up June 4th so make sure to get your pitches ready if you’re querying!

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