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Emerald Kipp Cosplay!

THANK YOU to my wonderful reader Olivia for sending me these pictures this morning! You did a fantastic job of cosplaying Emerald I LOVE it! ❤

11116025_493892144095813_899840319_n 11282128_493892160762478_1241302602_n 11282137_493892067429154_697762604_n 11303490_493892164095811_2106458268_n 11329586_493892154095812_1881643250_n 11348924_493894714095556_1833213995_n 11350382_493892100762484_574665739_n 11351544_493892140762480_1637275427_n 11355391_493741820777512_1965016136_n 11355659_493741804110847_1675863124_n 11356218_493892124095815_1183469615_n 11358776_493741827444178_1931884828_n 11414575_493892127429148_459261759_n 11421515_493892150762479_467910130_n 11421668_493894710762223_495196147_n



Young adult fantasy author.

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