Third draft here I come!!! 


Sheesh this thing is big (that’s what she said). Thank you for everyone who has put up with me ignoring them and having that crazy glazed look in my eye! There are a few more months left to go of all that so its not over yet! Reading through this printed draft then sending to betas, then one final edit and I AM QUERYING AGENTS ( aka crying & eating copious amounts of green tea ice cream). In all seriousness I am stoked to be making so much progress on my book, I hope in time to share Emerald’s story with you all and I hope you all love her as much as I do. Thanks for all the support, encouragement and excitement (even if it’s pretend I don’t care!) about this project. It means a lot to me to bring this story to life, and to give a voice  not just to the characters and their plight but to the bigger issues tackled in the book (not to mention having a diverse and kickass group of witches as my protagonists). I’m proud and nervous about what’s to come but putting in as much work as I can so that Riddle of The Timekeeper gets it’s best chance! Will update on the next round of edits, back to the writing bunker I go 🙂 

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