Research, research, research

Research for your book is crucial, not just for your writing but for the querying and submission process as well. Good read on both here, check it out.


If you want your writing to have depth, the best place to start is with research. They say “Write what you know,” and that’s a fine thing, but there are likely to be areas of interest that you want to weave into your work about which you know little, or nothong. So you need to do your homework. It’s fine and dandy to want to write about some virus you want to unleash upon an unsuspecting population (on paper, of course), but unless you’ve gathered a PhD in microbiology, you’re going to need to do a bit of reading on the subject, first.

And do yourself a favor by digging deeper than Google. You might get a few informative hits, but there’s no substitute for reading source material. Visit a library, hit up the bookstore, pick up the phone and talk to experts in the field. Pull together all the information…

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