How I Dyed My Hair Pink!


That is me, about two years ago, when I decided that my hair needed to be bright pink instead of dark brown. Although I’ve dyed it back to it’s natural shade since, I learned a lot about dying dark hair, bleaching and the toll it takes on your locks. (To read my post on repairing bleached hair click here)

 The Process

  • First, I researched salons but ended up choosing one close to work because I had no time.
  • My stylist tested a strip of my hair to make sure the color would lift/the bleach would take.
  • Once she determined my hair was good to go, she bleached my whole head (two or three times, can’t remember since it was so long ago) then used a developer to get it to the right blond shade.
  • My ends were then dyed a hot pink color.
  • Deep conditioned my hair between each process.
  • Blow dried and done!
  • The entire process took about seven hours.

Although it was a hassle, I am glad I tried this look out because I really did love having pink hair but it was such a struggle to get the hair back to a healthy state that I don’t think I’d do it this way again.

In the past I had dyed my hair blonde in stages, beginning with a lighter brown base color and highlights on top. I would add more highlights for a few months, every time I went back to the salon, and eventually I had a nice blonde shade, and my hair was long and a lot healthier than when I did the bleaching all at once.

If I were to ever get a drastic color change, I would definitely take this route and go slower, it would take longer obviously but it would be a lot easier on my hair and would be worth it in my opinion.

If you’re thinking of dying your hair a pastel color, and especially if you have very dark or black hair, I have a few tips and some insight into  what to do before your big change to make the process easier!

Preparing your hair:


Deep condition and protein for weeks:

I was impatient when I underwent my own process and as a result, my hair was very damaged for a long time. Plan ahead and get your hair into better shape by using deep conditioners and protein treatments as far in advance as possible. The better your hair is when going into the process, the easier it’ll be for it to take the damage of bleach/dye.

Don’t dye your hair for a few months before getting it bleached!

Especially not a dark color (like black!) This will only make it harder to bleach and you might end up with a chemical burn if your hair is over processed.

Find the right stylist, someone with experience in pastel colors and bleaching dark hair.

Prepare yourself for shorter hair:

There is no way around this, if you are bleaching your hair you will have to trim at least some of it. The more damaged your ends, the more you’ll have to trim. Be ready!

Know your hair won’t be in the same shape once it’s done!

No matter what condition your hair is in before you bleach it, it won’t be as healthy or manageable once the process is done. Be sure to stock up on products to help you cope with your new hair, and learn ways to style and take care of it so that the damage is minimized.




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