Why Wearing Makeup, or Not, is Okay!

For some reason, I felt I had to have seperate blogs for my writing stuff and my beauty blogging. I decided that since the Raddom blog is well…random, I will be merging The Beauty Writer posts onto one site with the rest of my posts. For those unfamiliar with my beauty posts I will be tagging them under “the beauty writer.” Enjoy 🙂


Okay so, I know some people will ask, “Why wear makeup at all if it looks like you’re not wearing makeup?”

Maybe you don’t notice the difference between someone with, or without natural looking makeup but I guarantee you THEY do, and that’s the point isn’t it? I can’t speak for anyone else, but I wear makeup so that I can feel good about myself, and because sometimes I look like Chewbacca first thing in the morning and I need a little help. It’s no different than say, ironing your shirt, combing your hair or getting a new outfit. It just makes you feel good!

From my first Youtube beauty video, a natural every day look.

I in no way think people NEED to wear makeup and if it’s not your thing, cool. But it goes both ways, if someone wants to wear makeup: also cool. It’s basically their choice, whether it’s subtle, over the top or somewhere in between doesn’t matter, because it’s their face.

I am pretty passionate about this because I have seen people get really angry about makeup. Sometimes I see, “You don’t NEED makeup, just be yourself,” or “You’re wearing too much, guys like less makeup on a girl” (GRRRR) or “Natural beauty is best.”

I agree you don’t need makeup, but um you also don’t NEED your iPhone or your computer, and you don’t really NEED to check your Facebook or that latte from Starbucks, but you do and get all these things anyway because you want to and because you can. I don’t understand why people think it’s their business what anyone else does with their appearance. I also find it hysterical when people who say, straighten their hair or dye it or do anything else to alter their appearance bash people who wear makeup. Please realize how silly it makes you sound when you are in essence doing the exact same thing.

Beauty is relative. What one person finds beautiful, another might find hideous but it’s not our place to judge anyone else for their preference. People should be able to look and dress in whatever way makes them feel good, and we should support one another and see the beauty in that.

What do you think?

Check out my “No Makeup” Makeup Tutorial Below!

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