Why Which Blowdryer You Use Matters.


I have a friend who has what I would call wavy hair. Healthy and not too long but pretty thick. She asked me how long it took me to blow-dry my hair, and I told her about 20 minutes.

“Wow,” she said, and went on to describe how it took her over an hour to dry her own hair, and even then the results weren’t the best. She said she didn’t like how flatirons made her hair look, and wondered why it was taking her so long to dry her hair.

Right away I asked, “What blow dryer do you use?” and she grumbled something about possibly some Revlon dryer, and I nodded, with the knowing eyes of someone who’s been drying her own curly hair straight since she was twelve: “It has to be your dryer.”

My friend trying to dry her hair with her Revlon dryer. (approximate recreation)
My friend trying to dry her hair with her Revlon dryer. (approximate recreation)

Now, I am not here to tell you you can’t find a good dryer without spending a million bucks because you can. But in my experience, lower end dryers that you can find at Walmart for instance, don’t really get the job done as well as a salon bought or professional dryer, but it also depends on your hair.

If you already have fine, straight hair well, you don’t need much heat, just enough to dry it. But if your hair is curly like mine, thick like my friends, or say super curly like my sister’s is, you will need heat, and a lot of it, to get that salon finish, especially if you haven’t learned your way around flat irons or rather not use them.

I got a professional dryer for Christmas one year but after years and years of use it finally broke. I couldn’t afford an expensive one at the time so I just got a $20 Con Air one in the meantime. I had that dryer for a little over a year and I relied heavily on my flat iron during that time, not a great thing considering I later went on to bleach, and dye it pink which fried my hair out even more (will post a tutorial of how I got my hair back into a healthy state if you guys like!).

The dryer wasn’t horrible, but it just did not get hot enough to straighten my hair properly. When I was done, my hair always looked puffy, dried out, and just generally not cute.


One day I found a Babyliss Pro on sale and went for it, and it significantly cut down my drying time and gave me the look I wanted without having to rely on my flatiron.

I’ve looked around and seen that there are brands like Revlon and Conair with higher end dryers, but I’ve also noticed some reviewers mention they still do not get hot enough. It could very well be that there are some great dryers out there from these brands and others like them, but rather than test them out, I will just go with the professional dryers I know work for me.

I obviously have not tried every dryer in the world, and I’m also not here to bash the good people over at Revlon/Conair etc. But I am saying there is a reason stylists use certain dryers, and are willing to shell out the big bucks to get them. In my experience, it really does make a difference in terms of how long it will take you to dry your hair, and the results you get.

What dryer do you use? Does it work well? Let me know in the comments below!



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