The First Lesson: Short Story

Chapter 8 of The Alchemist’s Apprentice is live! Read it here or start the short story from the beginning here:  The Alchemists Apprentice


The year is 1982 & Morrissey Stone is a sixteen years old witch with the power to turn lead into gold and see the future & past through magical items called relics. In Morrissey’s world, Alchemists are called Bakers, and she wants nothing more than to apprentice for the famed Baker Witch of Bleecker Street. When she is accepted into an exclusive training group, filled with witches more experienced than her, she must fight for her spot as an apprentice, which will lead her down the path she’s always dreamed of. But Morrissey must battle against more than just her peers, as an abusive relationship with a family member threatens to stand in the way of her dreams. Part one of The Empire Witch Chronicles, following the lives of characters written by Claribel Ortega and appearing in her upcoming work in progress which follows the life of a punk rock criminal witch in 1980’s NYC.

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