WIP Update: Beta Reader Round

Me handing over my book
Me handing over my book

Big manuscript milestone today! I finished the edits on my book (after about four rounds) and sent to my beta readers for feedback! This is the first time anyone has read the book in it’s entirety & I’ll be honest, it’s kind of  terrifying.


I had one of those, “wait, wait, wait” moments today, thinking if I just read it over ONE more time ( I PROMISE) it would be a good idea. The truth is, I have to let it go sooner or later, and my book will never be perfect. The point of beta readers is to get feedback, improve the book and make it the best it can be before agent submissions but if I never send it I will never get to that step (and ultimately never get a chance to publish my book traditionally). I have some awesome beta readers (including my friend Megan from Extrainkedits.com who you should totally contact if you need editing help!)


While they read, I will be getting my query letters sorted for my first round of agent queries. I have already chosen which agents to query first, but I want to make sure they each know I did my research on them (as should you if you are querying) beyond “I admire your agency and your proven track record.” It should be more specific than that.


So wish me luck on these next few weeks, waiting is a biatch, but it’s part of the process (a big part of it). If you need me, I’ll be with Spongebob.


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