A New Podcast for Animal Lovers: My Rescue Rocks is Live!


I love animals. I mean, I really love them. I say hello to dogs on the street and ignore the owners. If there’s a pet in the house, I will overturn every piece of furniture until I find them and make them love me. I think animals are beautiful, innocent creatures and I count my Yorkie Pancho Villa among my best friends (actually he’s my son). The love and support we get from our pets, is something that makes life a little easier.


I am proud of and excited for my good friend & beta reader/writing group member Rebekah Nemethy for the launch of her podcast My Rescue Rocks! The podcast features rescue stories about pet rescue told by rescuers and is available right now on iTunes!

Featured in episode 1 is Rockin’ Robert

and Featured in episode 3 is Lisa Prince Fishler from HeARTs Speak

Check it out on iTunes and if you get a minute please visit iTunes, click the subscribe button, and leave a rating and review. Here’s the link: https://itunes.apple.com/…/my-rescue-rocks-reb…/id1024898337


Get off my site (FOR NOW) and go listen!

My Rescue Rocks on iTunes

Official My Rescute Rocks Website

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