7/7/7 Writer’s Challenge

Thank you to Rebecca McLaughlin for tagging me in the 7/7/7 Writer’s Challenge! Wheeeeeeeeee.


Here’s how it works:

  1. Go to page 7 of your WIP (Work in Progress).
  2. Scroll down to Line 7.
  3. Share the next 7 sentences in a blog post.
  4. After the excerpt, tag 7 other writers to continue the challenge.

Annnnnd here are my 7 lines from The Riddle of The Timekeeper:

She arched one eyebrow, “What’s this?”

“Open it,” said Emerald, biting her bottom lip.

“Where’d you get the money?” asked the older witch, taking the item but eyeing her niece.

“It’s legit,” said Emerald, holding up her hands, “I promise.”

The older witch smiled and began to unwrap the gift. She striped the plain gray wrapping off, but instead of a box, there sat a bright, purple flower.

“Oh,” said Nora, her eyes widening as she placed a finger on the closed petals.

Magic Lotus flower

Tagged authors:
  1. Anne Slease
  2. Katherine Hillis
  3. Claribel Ortega
  4. Kristin Howe
  5. Becky Munyon
  6. Suzanne Samin
  7. Diana Pinguicha


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