6 Huge Unsolved Mysteries In The Hae Min Lee Case.

global barbarian

We’re all captivated by a good mystery. Which is one of the reasons why Serial was so popular. With the exception of a few internet crazy people that feel as though their interpretation of events may as well have been carved into Moses’ tablets, we can all agree that even a year after Sarah Koenig drew the curtain on season 1, we’re still foaming at the mouth for this mystery to be solved.

I’ve previously gone over the reasons why I feel we’ll never have a clear cut resolution to what truly happened on January 13th 1999, but that doesn’t stop us clawing away at the available evidence in a desperate scramble for a conclusion. Mystery surrounds nearly every facet of this case and we’re left tearing our hair out in frustration over sticking points like…

6. Hae’s Pager


As hardcore as people’s nostalgia-boner can be for the 90’s…

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