Welcome to the Party


Wow, there is just endless social media out there these days. Remember when it was just Friendster and no one really knew what that was? Now Facebook dominates along with Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, Hyper, Bebo, Ello, This, and a million other new things cropping up daily.

How’s a writer supposed to keep up? There’s only one sane way, in my opinion, and that is to only use what you enjoy.

It’s true that writers need to do the majority of their own book marketing these days. So wouldn’t it make sense to have an author page on Facebook populated by tweets and Tumblr posts? Why not get that information out there in all the ways possible?

Put yourself on the other end of that. You have a writer friend. You’re plugged into four or five shared outlets. Suddenly, your interface is blowing up with all the same “mybookmybookmybook”…

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