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Sharing WIP Lines Via Twitter Hashtags – A Calendar

Jacy Merrill

We all love to share tidbits/teasers of our work. I know I do! Something on Twitter that has been gaining attention and attraction are the hashtag games hosted by other writers. If you wish to participate, there is one for every day of the week. In order to keep up, I decided to write this short blog post on it.

If there is one you know about that I didn’t list, please let me know, so I can update this list! Follow the hashtags and writers for the themes and rules.


MONDAY: #MuseMon hosted by @Claribel_Ortega

TUESDAY: #2BitTues hosted by @AngDonofrio

WEDNESDAY: #1lineWed hosted by @RWAKissofDeath

THURSDAY: #ThruLineThurs hosted by @Madd_Fictional and @GurlKnoesSciFi

#Thurds hosted by @iamfunkhauser

FRIDAY: #FictFri hosted by @Gracie_DeLunac

#FP hosted by @LoonyMoonyLara and @AdeleSGray, you can also follow @FridayPhrases

#FriDare hosted by @micascotti

SATURDAY: #SlapDashSat hosted by @Madd_Fictional (no themes, no rules)

SUNDAY: #SunWIP hosted…

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Young adult fantasy author.

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