Most authors get their agents through the slush pile. That is, sending their query to an agent’s email inbox and standing out among the thousands of other writers in there. But there are other ways….




This little tweet here got me my literary agents. I posted it on Twitter last April during #DVpit, a Twitter event created to showcase works about and especially by marginalized voices. By May I was signed to Fuse Literary. Sounds easy, but remember this came after years of writing, revising, crying and a few months of querying. #DVpit has more specific rules but there are other contests such as #Pitmad that are open to everyone.


During these events you will pitch your book using the indicated # for the specific contest and then identifiers like #YA (for young adult) or #UF for urban fantasy. Usually you can only tweet one pitch per hour, then wait for an agent or editor to fav your pitch and send them your query and sometimes opening pages depending on their submission guidelines. This is useful because many times agents read requested materials from these events first and it allows agents to find YOU instead of the other way around. A full list of rules and mechanics for each event is posted on their respective websites.


While Twitter pitch contests like #DVpit & #Pitmad aren’t replacements for traditional querying, they can definitely help you bypass the line all while improving your book pitching skills.


I would also like to point out that the agents/editors and publishers participating during #Pitmad aren’t curated so PLEASE make sure to do your research before you submit to them! I have a story on what happens to you when you don’t and it’s not pretty.


If you’re planning on participating in #DVpit or any of the other contests out there please check out my video! I gathered a collection of tips from authors and agents on pitching via Twitter events that will be super helpful for any querying writers. Make sure to like and subscribe to my channel for more videos & if you have any questions about these events leave me a comment on YouTube and I’ll do my best to answer it! Good luck!


I am pretty sure I’ve featured this song before but I don’t care because it’s a good song and you’re gonna listen to it and like it.


I will admit, I struggled with the love aspect of my book at first, I knew I wanted Emerald to have a love interest and although I have her end game all planned out, there’s gonna be some duds along the way.


Still, I had a difficult time figuring out how to deal with the romantic aspects which is weird because I’m a GIANT MUSH. I think the main problem was, like everything with Emerald because I love her too much, I was holding back. I didn’t want to be cheesy, I didn’t want to overdo it, I didn’t want to give in to this trope or that, but at one point a character developed that I just could not ignore (and whom I adore) and just like that her love story within her adventure began to flourish.  I can’t promise you it won’t rip your heart out, because I mean it’s not fun if it doesn’t, but I hope you also have fun and fall in love along the way like I did (you know, before your heart gets ripped out).

Scared-gifAnyway, lest I get too spoiler-y with my own content, here is the song that plays when ONE of Emerald’s possible love interests first appears, *slips on neon dancing shoes, sprays Aqua Net, grabs a wine cooler and turns on her disco ball* hope you enjoy!

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