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I love hearing from readers, writers and nice people who like cheese.

Please Direct All Business and Publicity Inquiries To:

Suzie Townsend

New Leaf Literary, Suite 2201, 110 W. 40th Street, New York NY 10018


To Get in Touch With Me:

Snail mail:

New Leaf Literary and Media

Attn: Claribel Ortega

110 West 40th Street, Suite 2201



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  1. I tried contacting some others in the community, but it didn’t go thru. The person kat quoted in her trashy article from the person who was in prison & compared it to the ya community, is lidsrodney on twitter. Elizabeth is friends with Kat. If you don’t believe me search her tweets. Lids spent time in prison for drug running. It’s on her blog and she tweeted about it. Lids is also the one who attacked Angie Thomas on her release day, AND is best friends with some of the ppl (k_toddramer, amnugenting who changed his name to elcnubrac, eerie_o, shutter_j, kaelanrhwyiol aka nicole dunkley Phillips), who harassed, and or doxxed/bullied etc that one girl julie Lone wolf.


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