Graphic Services for Authors/Publishers!

Price List:

Book Gif: $25.00

Gif Edit: (changing wording from release date to “out today” or “Available now”) – $10.00

*Two Gif Set with both release date and “Out today” wording – $30.00

*Please note, for two gif set, the gifs will be identical or very similar save for the change of wording on each. Each GIF design/book cover is an additional $25.00

Cover Edits: $25.00

Book Trailer: (2.5 minute max with no editing rounds) – $50.00

Plus one round of edits – $100.00

Book Launch Filming (NY area only): $200.00 base price for 50 pictures plus video.

25 an hour for editing

Book Launch Live Stream (add on service only): $25.00 for periscope live stream

*I also offer sensitivity reads for Latinx and bi-rep in books* – $250.00 base price with two week turn around time.

One week rush price: $350.00

Work samples:




Cover edits –


Trailers –