Latinxs in Kid Lit

By Patrick Flores-Scott

#WeNeedDiverseBooks. The trending hashtag is a channel for conversation around the huge problem of a lack of diversity in children’s literature. The problem has been noted in many recent articles and so have the reasons we need more books by diverse authors and books with complex, real diverse characters.

For many years I was lucky to be a public school teacher in very diverse schools. At different points I was both a general education classroom teacher and a reading specialist. As a classroom teacher, I was able to seek and find the books I wanted my class to hear and read. More often than not, these books had main characters of color. I had the time, energy, resources, and relationships that helped me find great books that my students loved.

My students, however, especially my reluctant readers, were not going to work so hard to find…

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As if it’s a big surprise, I love eighties music. It was one of many reasons I decided to set my books from The Empire Witch Series, in that era. As I write, I compile a playlist of songs which are mentioned in the books or inspired my writing. You can listen to The Skinwalker’s Apprentice (currently a FREE Ebook on Amazon!) playlist on spotify here.

I am currently putting together the playlist for Emerald Kipp & The Riddle of The Timekeeper (book one) and the below song has always been one of my favs which made the cut! Listen and enjoy the smooth sounds of ‘Til Tuesday in today’s Song of The Day!


Please check out the cover reveal for author Devyn Dawson! I was lucky enough to get to host this on Rad/dom so please read the below from the lovely author herself! 🙂


Killing Me Softly – A Broken Souls Novel
June 2014

Hey everyone, I have a new book coming out in June.  I’m so excited for this book to get in your hands!  It is a New Adult book about a girl who was always told to stay away from military guys.  Her dad lived in fear that one day a military guy would come along and break her heart.  I grew up by Tinker Air Force Base in Midwest City, Oklahoma and we were always warned about military boys.  I met my husband 22 years ago while he was stationed at TAFB.  This story isn’t about anyone I know, but it’s about everyone I’ve ever met.  Not everyone is given the chance to live a charmed life, especially Holland.  Read below for the synopsis of this dear to my heart book.  Not every guy in the military is a killer, or angry, no, there’s so many good guys looking for a good girl.  I know, because I found one.

Please do me a huge favor and add it to your TBR list on Goodreads and share on Facebook.  It is how authors like me get the word out!  Thank you so much!!!

Facts – My best friend died six months ago. My mom bailed on me when I turned 13. My dad is mentally ill and a permanent fixture on our couch. We live on his disability and my meager paycheck. I take online college courses so I can work full time to pay for the electric bill. I’ve fallen head over heels for Tate Cook, he’s in the U.S. Air Force.

 I’m Holland Clifford, I’m 19, and this is my life. 

Once upon a time, I was whole… and then I was shattered. Tate’s picking up my pieces and putting me back together again.

About the Author
Devyn Dawson is a native of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.  Currently, she kicks up her boots in the lush green town of New Bern, North Carolina.  She attended Oklahoma State University where she studied business.  Growing up, she was considered the eccentric girl.  She wrote dark stories, celebrated Halloween like a national holiday, and burned candles before they were trendy.  The very moment she watched Kiefer Sutherland in Lost Boys she vowed to run off with him one day.  Real life took over and she got married and had two amazing children.  In her spare time and great weather, you’ll find her on the back of her husband’s motorcycle touring North Carolina.  Devyn is an avid reader, she has given up Stephen King and reads mostly young adult books.  She writes young adult paranormal books about werewolves, vampires and faeries.  She loves happy endings, but offers twists and turns to get to them. Devyn has decided to dip her toe in the big-girl pond and write some books with just the right amount of steam and twists the fans won’t see coming. 

Find Devyn online!:
Twitter – devyndawson

The teaser/prequel to my series about witches is out now. Only .99 cents for the eBook, so go buy it and help me not be poor. Book one will be out in the fall and it’s going to kick ass. Read about the prequel below, and book one here.


The Priestess was brilliant. But she was also extremely curious.

Margo Pennyfeather is being hunted. The 16-year-old witch has always been an outcast, in her home back in England, and now in the village of East Hampton New York where her family has settled. No one but her family has ever cared for Margo, but now the most important witch in the magic world wants her as an apprentice, giving her a chance to bring her family out of poverty.
Before long, Margo realizes things aren’t what they seem, least of all, what kind of witch she really is. Now, the young witch must face a terrifying monster on her own, and the reverberations will reach farther than she could have ever imagined.

More than three hundred years later, in 1984 Emerald Kipp is a high school senior in New York City. A troubled teen with a rebellious streak, Emerald can’t seem to figure out what to do with her life, and unfortunately for her, “witch” isn’t one of the available career choices in her guidance counselor’s office. As she struggles to figure herself out, Emerald is faced with the threat of being stuck in school and missing her final summer with her three best friends. Her last year of high school is turning out to be the worst yet, and Emerald thinks it can’t possibly get any worse. Unfortunately for her, she’s dead wrong.
And there’s something else, something far more sinister stirring in Emerald’s world, and she’ll have to believe in herself if she wants to get through it alive.

The Skinwalker’s Apprentice is a prequel to the upcoming novel, Emerald Kipp and The Riddle of The Timekeeper, a terrifying magical scavenger hunt through the gritty streets of 1980’s New York City, set to a killer soundtrack, and perfect for fans of Harry Potter and The Perks of Being a Wallflower. Part of The Empire Witches series.

Order Here!  

*Available NOW on , Apple iBook, Amazon, Smashwords, Barnes & Nobles and more!

Writing a scene set in the famous nightclub Danceteria tonight for Emerald Kipp & The Riddle of the Timekeeper.

This book is about to be the weirdest thing of all time.  Magic and witches in 1980’s New York City, drag queens and music, talking cats and a witch doctor who looks like a toad. Welcome to my brain.


Yeah…except for me.

I shouldn’t be sad…I mean I’m going to Texas next week and that’s JUST as good as London IF NOT BETTER, right? RIGHT? Anybody? Okay fine, it’s not the same but at least one of my coworkers has promised to bring me a snow globe. Besides I’m in the office alone! Hey….


That means all the coffee creamer is for me. Take that guys! Gonna drink it all.

Also, I can listen to my music as loud as I want, SANS headphones.


ALSO, I am pretty sure one of my coworkers left a lot of gum on his desk.

Chewing it.


Who am I kidding? Wish I was in London but also happy I didn’t have to wake up for the 7am flight because face it, I’m lazy.

I leave you with my song of the day which will only be a consistent thing when I feel like it (lazy strikes again). Enjoy!



I don’t care if I’m late and if you’ve been in your European flat listening to this song for the past three months, we can’t all be as cool as you savvy reader. I JUST found out about Clean Bandit’s Rather Be and it’s stuck on my skull like Urkel on Laura. If you haven’t heard it press play and you can thank me later like my name is Drake (bad joke alert, oye I’m sorry lol).





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Book Signing at The American Library Association’s Midwinter Book Fair in Philadelphia


Book Signing at The Hudson Valley Gateway Experience, Cortlandt Manor NY

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Interview for Washington Square News




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