Totally Rad #Pitchwars 2015 Mentee Bio – Claribel Ortega

65248329-2ce8-4309-86f0-7c7a16386f2d                             *Sings* 🎤 😮🎶 IS IT ME YOU’RE LOOKING FOR?!

Welcome to my #Pitchwars mentee bio page!


My name is Claribel & I am participating, for the very first time, in Pitchwars.


I’m nervous and also excited but you’re not here to talk about my feelings. LET’S TALK BOOK.


My manuscript is called The Riddle of The Timekeeper and it’s a YA fantasy set in 1980’s NYC. The Riddle of The Timekeeper is The Craft meets The Goonies with a pickpocketing, pink-haired witch as the main character (think Bender meets Hermione).

who is also a smart, kick-ass witch.

The book incorporates real life New York City residents into the narrative such as the so-called “Witch Of East Broadway” Henrietta Snowden and John Votta, the real life Timekeeper.

(click the links for more info on both)

I am a fiend for research and history and I spent many hours in the NYPL and glued to my laptop putting the 1980’s Magick World together.

Some Random Stuff About Me:

I’m a graduate of the SUNY Purchase Journalism program and am a former local newspaper reporter. I am used to people slamming doors in my face, and asking why I’m loitering around the scene of a fire. My skin is thick.


I love technology. I want to marry Photoshop. Video production is also my thing. Don’t believe me? (*sings again* 🎶JUST WATCH🎶) Here is a video pitch I made for my manuscript. Warning: it’s awesome.

I can also Photoshop the wrinkles and grays out of your pictures. Just let that sink in for a bit.

My name is often mispronounced/misspelled but it was coined by Shakespeare (The Tempest) so you should all know it by now. You’ve had enough time.


Aside from  the 80’s, I love music (and make playlists for writers on Spotify!), video games (The Sims especially) and animals. My favorite authors include Rowling, Vonnegut, Steinbeck and Tolkien. I also adore Louise Penny & her Inspector Gamache series, The Millenium series ( Girl With the Dragon Tattoo), Vampire Academy (Rose Hathaway is my hero) and anything by Lyndsay Faye. I have too many, favorites to name since I am always reading! I have a Yorkie named Pancho Villa after the Mexican revolutionary, although I am not Mexican. My family is from the Caribbean, and Spanish is my first language.


I am an extremely hard working writer who is ready to take her book to the next level. I have been editing this book since December of last year and have had (4) beta readers (none of them gave birth to me) give me feedback on it as well. I’m able to take criticism even if it means locking myself in a closet and listening to Everybody Hurts afterwards.


Aside from a better MS and hopefully an agent, I am especially excited about the opportunity to make lasting friendships through Pitchwars. I run a writers group in my town, and spend almost every afternoon reading, writing, critiquing or all three. Also Netflix, amirite?


Thanks for reading my bio, and remember this could be us:

A red pen. And told me to fix my damn book.
A red pen. And told me to fix my damn book.

 Thanks for reading, I love you (pick me) – Claribel

        Feel free to leave comments/questions below fellow writers, agents, mentors, or Ryan Gosling.

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A big THANK YOU to Christopher Keelty for setting up the mentee blog hop!

P.S. Click below for the awesome playlist to my MS! (Lots of 80s)


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